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In the year 2000 Arete Farm imported a promising mare from Germany. Although it was discovered the mare had some health issues, they were not insurmountable with proper management. Unfortunately, while the health issues were coming to the surface the mare was becoming more and more resistant under saddle and the trainer chose non-classical approaches that, combined with the mare’s now defensive personality, made her nearly unrideable. The loss of this promising partnership galvanized a passion in me to insist on traditional, humane training practices that are classically proven; and to always do what is best for the horse.

My hope is this blog will educate people in the best practices of creating a sound, happy, athletic horse. I hope you find these references and articles helpful. Remember, if you question it, SPEAK UP. Be a fearless voice for the voiceless!

The Catalina Foundation sponsors clinics, workshops and seminars that resonate with its organizational mission. Watch for more articles and sponsored events coming soon!

We do it for the horses. We are servants to the horse. – Klaus Balkenhol

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