How to Identify Helpful vs. Harmful Training Practices


Insist on humane training practices.  If you question it, speak up!

If you wonder if the practices of your trainer are right for your horse, one thing you can do is contact one of the USDF Certified Instructors Program Examiners at or (859) 971-2277.  USDF has a dedicated certification team that educates, tests and certifies dressage trainers.

There is no one training method that works for all horses. Every horse is different physically and psychologically.  Gain knowledge and insight by exposing yourself to the masters of dressage training, such as Klaus Balkenhol, Walter Zettl, and Colonel Christian Carde.  Klaus Balkenhol, the Man and his Training Methods  is a wonderful book as is Dressage in Harmony by Walter Zettl; both books are available at Click on the links below for more resources and information about classical, humane training.  Katherine Bloomquist, Attorney with an Equine Focus

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